Dedicated to All Nepali Stock Invester

Nepal Stock Information is the Stock Information Providing Website dedicated to all Nepali Stock Investor. The main intension of this website is to provide the knowledge and introduce the tools and build awareness on basics of capital market, stock trading, their growth, development trends and information on stock trading activities. And Whole Source of the information is from the Nepal Stock Exchange(Nepse).

The Basic features of the website is to provide quick and easy access to the website during trading and company selection based upon the flucation and people interested in Companies Stock.And Main features of the site is Portfolio Management, Live Stock with categorization and Multiple Stock.
We will continuously be innovative and keep up with changes to satisfy investors, customers, and the people of the community we serve.
All the base Information has been collected from the market. Opinion, analysis and experience sharing are collected from the market as well as from our obsevation. It is up to "YOU" to accept/ review/ reject our presentation. Information, floor and suggestion is ours. Decision is yours.